Did you know?

  • Mel Gibson and Sam Neill both appeared in The Sullivans.
  • Mel Gibson also made a guest appearance in Cop Shop.
  • Sigrid Thornton made her acting debut in Homicide.
  • Rebecca Gibney's first Australian role was in Zoo Family.
  • Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan played sister and brother in Skyways. They were ten years old.
  • Bob Hawke made a guest appearance [as himself!] in The Last Of The Australians.


A rich vein of storytelling for younger viewers. The adventures of The Henderson Kids I [in which Kylie Minogue plays her first major role], the animal intrigues of the Zoo Family, and the intergalactic escapades of the Jackson family as they travel Halfway Across The Galaxy and Turn Left - all hugely successful television drama for kids.


You can delve into the timeless police action of Homicide, Division 4 and Matlock Police. Be moved by the heartwrenching family saga of The Sullivans, the show that captured Australia's heart. Thrill to over 200 episodes of The Flying Doctors - or be challenged and entertained by the powerful performance of Wendy Hughes as Kate Ferrari in State Coroner. Watch Young Ramsay, Special Squad, Prime Time, and many more - Crawfords' unparalleled library of television drama is packed with highlights.

Mini Series

You'll find links to memorable shows such as All the Rivers Run I & II [look out for Australia's Queen of the Screen, the wonderful Sigrid Thornton], The Far Country, Whose Baby?, My Brother Tom, This Man...This Woman, Jackaroo, The Violent Earth - plus Tribe, our latest mini-series success, shot on the Great Barrier Reef and starring Antonio Sabato Jr


Telemovies include the dark, brooding series The Feds starring Robert Taylor, Angie Milliken and John Bach. The Last Of The Ryans features Richard Roxburgh's stunning portrayal of the last man hanged in Australia. And don't miss The Box Movie, from the great first wave of the Australian film renaissance in the 70's.


A treasure trove of endless laughter with some of Australia's funniest performers. The seminal wog comedy Acropolis Now features George Kapiniaris, Simon Palomares and Nick Giannopoulos. Maurie Fields heads up Bobby Dazzler, with John [he was Johnny then!] Farnham as his long-suffering son. The domestic disharmony of the Newlyweds has Chris Gabardi and Annie Jones at its midst, surrounded by a fabulous troupe including Sandy Gore.

And even though it's not strictly a sitcom, don't forget to check out Cop Shop for the career-making antics of Terry Norris and Gil Tucker, comic masters of the charge counter.


From the 60's time capsule of Showcase, to a loving celebration of Australia's iconic cop show in the Homicide Special [watch for Bud Tingwell, perhaps our country's most beloved performer, as the doggedly persistent Inspector Lawson]. And for a visual overview of the entire output of Crawfords Australia, The Crawfords Story is essential viewing.