All The Rivers Run II


Series II takes up the story of Delie and Brenton Edwards at the turn of the century, at a moment when bad times have struck the once thriving river boat trade.

New roads and railway lines threaten the very existence of the grand old paddle-wheelers of the Murray and striking shearers threaten the lives of their crews.

Into the explosive situation walks Cyrus James, a charming, but mysterious overseas entrepreneur. He is immediately attracted to Delie, but backs off when he encounters Brenton. The three become close to friends.

Trying to mediate in the dispute between the shearers and the riverboat skippers, Brenton is framed on a charge of seriously injuring a local businessman. He is sentenced to imprisonment in Melbourne.

Without Brenton, Delie is faced with a custody battle over her children and the not altogether unwanted attentions of Cyrus.

Alone she must fight to keep her family and the riverboat "Philadelphia".

In a desperate attempt to help her, Brenton escapes. When trying to reach his children, a waiting policeman, the same man in the employ of the wealthy squatters who framed Brenton in the first place, shoots Brenton.

Brenton disappears in the murky waters of the swollen River Murray, leaving only a trail of blood behind.

Can Delie alone save her children and the riverboat?
Will she succumb to the charms of Cyrus ?
Is Brenton still alive ?

All the Rivers Run II has all the romance, adventure and even more intrigue than its internationally successful predecessor.


BRENTON … John Waters
PHILADELPHIA … Nikki Coghill
CYRUS JAMES … Parker Stevenson


Written by: Vince Moran
Directed by: John Power
Produced by: Alan Hardy

All the Rivers Run II is a 4 hour mini-series from Crawfords Australia, 1989.

Filmed on location at the Port of Echuca, Victoria, Australia.

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