This multi-award winning series follows the day to day activities of four detectives with the Homicide squad of a big city police force. They do handle other crimes - kidnapping, extortion, conspiracy - but mainly murder. Their success rate is very high…nearly eighty percent. They're at home anywhere. They have to be. Back alleys, boardrooms, brothels and beach houses…Murders happen everywhere.


INSPECTOR JACK CONNOLY … Jack Fegan (eps.1-204)
DET.SGT. FRANK BRONSON … Terry McDermott (eps.1-58)
DET. REX FRASER … Lex Mitchell (eps.1-27)
SEN.DET./DET.SGT. DAVID MacKAY … Leonard Teale (eps.27-383,509) 
SEN. DET. BILL HUDSON … Leslie Dayman (eps. 58-161)
SEN.DET./DET.SGT. PETER BARNES … George Mallaby (eps. 131-395) 
SEN.DET. BERT COSTELLO … Lionel Long (eps.162-210)
INSPECTOR COLIN FOX … Alwyn Kurts (eps.180,201-383)
SEN.DET. JIM PATTERSON … Norman Yemm (eps.211-333)
SEN.DET. BOB DELANEY … Mike Preston (eps.334-375)
SEN.DET. PHIL REDFORD … Gary Day (eps. 376-509)
INSPECTOR REG LAWSON … Charles Tingwell (eps.384-509) 
SEN.DET. PAT KELLY … John Stanton (eps.384-432)
SET.SGT. HARRY WHITE … Don Barker (eps.396-509)
SEN.DET. MIKE DEEGAN … Dennis Grosvenor (eps. 433-509)

Support Cast

DEFENCE COUNSEL GARRICK … Terry Norris (eps.2-11,13-14,17-18,21-22)
HELEN HOPGOOD … Derani Scarr
PAT BRONSON … Ursula Finlay
TINKER BELL … Di Chamberlain
JILL PATTERSON … Janice Copeland
JOY BOWER … Wendy Gilmore
GREG WATKINS … Robert Schroeder (ep. 509)


509 episodes (first colour episode was 376)
Televised from October 1964-June 1976 on Seven Network Filmed on location in and around Melbourne
Many actors had their television debut in Homicide, such as Maurie Fields, Lynette Curran, Sally Conabere, Singer Leila Hayes acting debut, Sigrid Thornton, Richard Thompson, Belinda Gilblin

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