Starring Annie Jones, Sandy Gore and Cathy Godbold, “Newlyweds’ is a fresh, new sit-com produced by Crawford Media International. The series follows the progress of a quirky marriage from the announcement through to the wedding day and into the early months of wedded bliss. The action of the series is centered mainly in the couple’s tiny flat. We also see the couple, Allie and Peter, in their workplace at a major suburban shopping complex. Allie is a private secretary to the Manager.

Peter works with his best mate, Simo, in the sports department. Allie is everyone’s dream of a young wife - practical, patient, attractive. Peter is the boy next door - sporty easy going, and a bit of a larrikin. Little does the couple realise what lies in wait for them in married life. Much as they dream of a cosy life of domestic bliss, Peter’s mates, Allie’s “desperate and dateless” friend Marnie, her scatterbrained younger sister Jules and her depressive mother, Irene, constantly beset them.

The series was the brainchild of the Comedy Company’s Ian McFadyen and was written by Ian McFadyen, Maryanne Fahey and Graeme Farmer. Joining the cast of performers is the outstanding Christopher Gabardi, Sandie Lillingston and Joseph Clements.


ALLIE CARTER … Annie Jones
PETER ROBERTS … Christopher Gabardi
MARNIE PHELPS … Sandie Lillingston
JULES CARTER … Cathy Godbold
SIMMO … Joseph Clements
BEV ROBERTS … Valentina Levkowicz
ROSS ROBERTS … Jason Torrens
ERIC KAUFMAN … Ross Williams
FRANK (Allie’s Father) … John Wood (Eps. 7, 26, 38)
KIRBY HACKER … Rod Mulliner (Series 3)
KELLY … Elisha Hall (from Ep. 44)
MATT … Brendan McAlpine (Ep. 39-48)
MATT … Matthew Turner (Ep. 49-52)


Series 1 Episodes 1-13
Series 2 Episodes 14-26
Series 3 Episodes 27-36
Series 4 Episodes 37-52

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