My Brother Tom


On the tail end of the Depression and during the last peaceful days before World War II, a small country town is divided by much more that the river that runs through it. A blossoming love affair between the lovely Peggy MacGibbon and the energetic Tom Quayle becomes the focal point for a powerful conflict between two religions. The laughter, joy and passion of teenage love, set in the colourful life of a country town, brings together a mini-series of rare quality.


LOCKIE MACGIBBON: … Gordon Jackson
EDWARD J QUAYLE: … Keith Mitchell
TOM QUAYLE: … Tom Jennings
PEGGY MACGIBBON: … Catherine McClements
KIT QUAYLE: … Christopher Cummins
FINN McCOOIL: … Christopher Mayer


Written by: James Aldridge

Screenplay by: Tony Morphett

Producer: Rod Hardy

Director: Pino Amenta

My Brother Tom is a 4 hour mini-series produced in 1985 First screened on 22 September 1986 (Network Ten)
Filmed in Chiltern and Echuca, Victoria, Australia

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