The Box


On his way to the Board Meeting, Sir Henry Usher, Chairman of Channel 12, becomes involved in the filming of a car chase for the channel's "Manhunt". This reinforces his long standing view that Tony Wilde, star of the programme, is a dangerous idiot, to be got rid of at all costs. It also makes him particularly vulnerable for an attack on Channel 12 by one of the Usher Industry's Board Members, the devious Mr Price. Sir Henry is needled into agreeing for Channel 12 to be examined by Management Consultants. He also agrees that unless the Channel's profit improves, he will sell it to the highest bidder.

Announcement of the impending investigation spreads panic at Channel 12 and an elaborate campaign is launched by the General Manager, Max Knight, to produce the best possible impression on the Chief Investigator, the dreaded Dr. S.M. Winter. The campaign crumbles at the moment Max finds that Dr. Winter is a woman. While Max gives Dr. Winter and her outrageously camp assistant, Bruce Madigan, an accident-riddled tour of the Channel, Programme Manager, Paul Donovan launches his plans to lift the Channel into profit. He re-allocates all his production budget to produce a feature-length episode of "Manhunt" with overseas sales potential.

The Director will be Lee Whiteman, the Channel's flamboyant producer. The impending special is a piece of good news for the bumbling Tony Wilde who is, as usual, having a rough spot in his love life, this time with Channel 12's dancer, Ingrid O'Toole. She is a designing little bitch, and surprisingly attracts the attention of Dr. Winter's assistant, Bruce. They make an assignation for the night in Madigan's Room at the Chateau Commodore. Dr. Winter is forming a dismal picture of Channel 12 until she runs foul of Sir Henry Usher. At first they are mutually antagonistic but soon arrive at a surprising rapport and plan an informal discussion over dinner that night at Chateau Commodore.

Paul Donovan's life has been complicated by a return to Australia of a former love, the beautiful Kay Brooks, whose husband us soon to join her. Kay seems determined that their romance will remain a thing of the past. Paul is left to cope with the burdening problems of the Channel. Paul's do-or-die strategy of blowing his production budget on the "Manhunt" special seems to have hit disaster point. The special has become a chronicle of Tony Wilde's gaffs. Almost suicidal, Paul sends the film overseas with little hope of sale. Even Kay cannot console him. They spend the night together, but she leaves the next day. She won't return to her husband but she won't share Paul with the Channel.

He must choose between them; he chooses the Channel. Dr. Winters regard for Henry cannot alter her report to the Usher board. He must stop interfering and there is no visible hope of lifting the profit. Price has won. Channel 12 will be sold - to buyers he has already lined up. Then, a beautiful bombshell. An overseas buyer has snapped up the "Manhunt" special - as a masterpiece of knock about comedy. The price is astronomical. The Channel is boosted into profit and Tony Wilde is the hero of the day.


MAX KNIGHT … Barrie Barkla
KAY WEBSTER … Belinda Giblin
TONY WILD … Ken James
PAUL DONOVAN … George Mallaby
MRS HOPKINS … Lois Ramsay
With: … Robin Ramsey … Cornelia Francis
Special Guest: GRAEME KENNEDY as himself


107 minutes
Writer: Tom Hegarty
Producer: Ian Jones
Director: Paul Eddey

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