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THE BOX is a sexy exposé of the uninhibited lives of the cast, crew, executives, writers and producers who work at the fictional television station Channel 12. Scandals and promiscuity are the order of the day.

Episodes 156 - 205

In Volume 4, a new star, Bradley Miller arrives - giving Tony Wild cause to worry. Suzie and Tony make uncertain plans together. Don returns to direct "Big Night Out" but Gary Burke's ex-wife Chris also returns bringing trouble with her. Max succumbs to the pressures of his job while Lee receives disturbing news from someone in his past.

Customer Reviews

  1. Stellar
    Posted by Matthew on 4/02/2022

    Now I have all 4 volumes, this show is fantastic. I wish more volumes were released. A must-have for any Australian television collector.
  2. The Box volume 4
    Posted by david on 20/12/2021

    i have the first 3 volumes , and enjoyed them very much this program is a real time capsule of the early to mid seventies in australia, im really enjoying volume 4 now as well, i want to see more releases though, don't leave us hanging.,,, release more volumes , Please Crawfords . i for one will look forward to them,
  3. LOVE all volumes. Waiting for more!
    Posted by Rick on 11/05/2020

    Like seasons 1, 2 &3, I thorougly enjoyed revisiting this show, watching all 4 seasons thus far. I loved and watched it in the 70s and am once again enjoying it just as much. I encourage anyone that loves Australian Television drama from that period to purchase all four volumes of THE BOX. CRAWFORDS, P L E A S E release more volumes of THE BOX, beginning with Volume 5, the first COLOUR volume! So many of us are waiting for this. Many thanks for giving us what we love! Rick Ireland
  4. Please release more!
    Posted by Nathan on 5/01/2020

    Thoroughly enjoying the series. Have just finished watching Volume 4. Please, please, please release more. I can’t wait to see the colour episodes.
  5. More please!
    Posted by Jules on 23/09/2019

    The Box, often overlooked due to comparisons to No 96, is a fantastic and realistic time capsule into 1970's Australia. The story lines are handled well and there is a good mix of comedy and drama without resorting to slapstick. I particular love watching Judy Nunn play the marvellous and bitchy Vicki Stafford. While the character development is sometimes hindered by societal impressions of a 1970's career woman. Vicki Stafford challenged the dominant assumption that a career wasn't necessary or desired by women as their identity was defined by their domestic roles and relationships. Please release more volumes!
  6. Loving it!
    Posted by Patty on 30/06/2019

    I’m just loving watching The Box DVDs. It brings back so many happy memories of 70’s TV, even the sponsors & suppliers in the credits bring back the era. Please release some more episodes as I’m dying to see it in colour!
  7. more of the box!
    Posted by wayno on 28/05/2019

    best series from crawfords! please release season 5 &6!
  8. Release all the volumes !!
    Posted by Neil on 22/09/2018

    The Box is a great show, well worth the purchase price. It brings back wonderful memories. It seems from all the other reviews I’m not the only one waiting for Vol 5. How much longer do we have to wait???
  9. Still A Great Sthe how
    Posted by Norman on 30/08/2018

    The Box is 1 of my all time favourite shows please release the entire series on DVD
  10. Excellent television from the 1970s
    Posted by Margaret on 25/04/2018

    The Box remains one of the best television programmes produced in this country. It has been almost 15 months since the release of volume 4. Please release further volumes of the show so we can enjoy one of the standout dramas from the seventies. It is a programme that deserves to be seen and not deteriorate on a shelf somewhere. How about releasing the film version of The Box as well. These reviews show there are lots of people wanting the release of subsequent volumes. Please don,t keep us waiting.
    Posted by Vic on 11/03/2018

    I've watched the whole set that has been released. PLEASE release more!
  12. more of the box!
    Posted by wayno on 4/03/2018

    I have all 4 series & they are absolutely great viewing. crawfords great work guys! but when can we get our hands on series 5 ?
  13. the box-series 5 ?
    Posted by wayne on 4/03/2018

    the box series 4 is top shelf,as are the first 3 instalments as well,please being series 5 out as soon as possible as there are a big number of fans of the show! kind regards wayne Cunningham.
  14. The Box
    Posted by JEN on 9/02/2018

    Love watching this again via the DVD box sets. Please can you release Volume 5?
  15. Excellent
    Posted by Martin on 3/02/2018

    Patiently waitiong for volume 5, fantastic series!
  16. The Box series 4
    Posted by Big Box Fan on 6/10/2017

    This long awaited series was well worth the wait. This series just gets better with each episode. The cast is fantastic. And the reproduced quality is very good. So check it out folks..From memory The Box, went to colour, so I look forward to series 5 & 6. Go Crawford's
  17. Outstanding to see Real Australian tv drama
    Posted by Paul on 22/07/2017

    Love this show
  18. A joy to watch - PLEASE release further volumes!
    Posted by Chris on 19/07/2017

    Enjoyed "The Box" as a kid (used to sneak into the hallway and peek as my parents watched it), and enjoying it much more as an adult. Production techniques are well above those of "Number 96", and it's a fabulous ensemble cast.

    I dearly hope that more volumes will be forthcoming - it would be such a shame to see it end here!
  19. Can't wait for more
    Posted by Rick on 22/02/2017

    Thanks so much for the next Volume. Hopefully now your other crime series releases are coming to an end (don't get me wrong, I love them too) the releases will be more often as it's been a year since the last one. We're getting close to the colour episodes and I'm so looking forward to that!! Considering how many episodes were made I hope I eventually see them all as I'm not getting any younger!!

    Also hope that Chris Burke's time is coming to an end. She dominated both Volume 3 & 4!!

    Thank you Crawfords. Keep up the quality work.
  20. Unknown
    Posted by Fiona Douglas on 14/02/2017

    The Box is an enjoyable and thoroughly enlightening immersion in life as it was in 1970s Australia.
    This was a time of innocence and through the series we witness Australia struggling to grow up. We were very much a white Australia, laden with the homophobic, sexist and racist attitudes of the day.
    The Box offers insight into this period of our social history both actively and passively. We see characters actively tackling the attitudes of the day; discrimination in its many and various forms. This is riveting: I am taken aback by their thoughts and views that we were still maybe 30 years away from our society understanding, let alone embracing.
    And passively, the very topics the characters tackle are simply 'there'. Sexist and homophobic attitudes form the backdrop, which is as honest as it is unintentional. It's how things were.
    It's a shame that Crawfords don't promote this iconic work for what it is. Rather, they are using the same pitch used in 1973 (a raunchy soapie) which is a grave injustice and would be unlikely to attract anyone.
    Crawfords, why not promote The Box for what it truly is today: an authentic and fascinating record of a period of immense social change in Australia's history?

  21. Long awaited release
    Posted by Robert Myall on 7/02/2017

    Like the other Robert I've waited ages for this set of episodes. It is great to again see the familiar characters (and their conflicts!) It looks like there are some new characters and a few character returns to keep things interesting.

    The picture and sound quality are fine and the menus easy to navigate. The show itself provides solid, fast-paced entertainment.

    Thanks to Crawfords for another great release.
  22. Well its about time
    Posted by Robert on 31/01/2017

    Waited months and months for this but when it arrived last night it was awesome. I had just submitted a review a few hours ago but it seems to have been wiped out.

    The Box is excellent. Outstanding picture and sound quality on the first 5 black and white episodes that I have watched to far.

    Keep up the good work. Cant wait for volume 5

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