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THE BOX is a sexy exposé of the uninhibited lives of the cast, crew, executives, writers and producers who work at the fictional television station Channel 12. Scandals and promiscuity are the order of the day.

THE BOX made its debut at 9:00 pm on February 11, 1974. This raunchy serial successfully ran five nights a week for three and a half years - pushing social boundaries and creating controversy on a nightly basis.

Enjoy Volume 1 – a selection of episodes from the first season!

Customer Reviews

  1. Worth it
    Posted by Matthew on 16/08/2021

    For someone who was not even born when this was originally broadcast, this is a fantastic time capsule into the past.
    The quality of the DVD is fantastic.
    The show itself is amazing. I understand why people love it. I purely bought 'The Box' on a whim as I've read so much about it and it was worth the risk.
  2. Crawfords genius
    Posted by Terrence on 9/09/2019

    The box what a classic serial loved Judy Nunn George Mallaby, the whole story and cast fantastic.
  3. Big Night Out
    Posted by Greg on 5/02/2018

    This set of episodes on The Box, Volume 4 maintains the rage and the drama. Max Knight succumbs to the pressure of an impending divorce and the relentless pressure of being a senior TV executive. The new flagship show Mercy Flight and the auditions for the ‘perfect’ nurse ruffle a few female feathers. Poor old Mrs Hopkins. They didn’t have the heart to tell her she was not small screen matron material. Turns out a real-life exposure to a hospital saw her turn down the role. Tony Wild, ubiquitous as ever and so insecure. You lose count of how many times he tells everyone he is the star of channel 12. Mind you he transitions seamlessly from Manhunt to Big Night Out. ‘Trooper’ Davis (Kit Taylor) arrives and his womanizing ways and maverick approach to filming his Manhunt scenes do not endear him to many at the channel. Paul Donovan (George Mallaby) still hopes to save his marriage and reconcile with his wife Judy. Jean rejects a marriage proposal from the pin up boy Don. Vicki Stafford, now anchoring her own day time program is as feisty and confrontational as ever. The jilted lovers, damaged egos, manipulations, personal and professional interactions, shenanigans and character twists make hugely enjoyable viewing. It helps that we are in 1973-74 when ‘political correctness’ was neither in the vernacular nor the consciousness. Endless sips of tea and puffs of cigarettes are again the order of the day. Oh, and poor old Fanny Adams (Vanessa Leigh) returns and in her gig as the fill in tea lady offers a novel blend of herbal tea. Unbeknownst to her it is a blend not to the liking of the tea-swillers who are rusted on fans of dear old Mrs Hopkin’s more traditional brew. Great stuff!
  4. Great to see it again
    Posted by Lance Patterson on 16/03/2017

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE release more of the THE BOX. 42 years on and I have am hooked on it again. It only gets better as it progresses. Don't leave us hanging on tenterhooks until the next episode.
  5. I would like more
    Posted by louise on 16/03/2017

    Fantastic box set I have really enjoyed watching andvhave had family members asking to borrow it. Id like to see Matlock Police added to the list
  6. The 70's are well alive in B/W.
    Posted by Anthony Creighton on 16/03/2017

    This box set brings back all the familiar names and then some, especially Mrs H. It is a blast from Australia B/W days but well worht the purchase price. the picture and audio are excellant.
    Posted by Dave Smith on 16/03/2017


  8. The Box
    Posted by Maggie on 16/03/2017

    Considering the price, I was disappointed that there was no mention of the missing or destroyed episodes. I am not surprised, nor would it have stopped me buying the product, but I would not have felt as ripped off! It is great to see that not all the episodes were destroyed...

    Dear Maggie,
    If you look at the Product Description above and on the front cover prominently displayed, you will see that it says 'a selection of episodes from the first season!' Where there are episodes missing we have provided a lengthy synopsis so the viewer can keep track of the storyline. We felt the viewers would accept this rather than not release any episodes at all.
    Crawford Productions Pty Ltd
  9. Channel 12 on the dial
    Posted by Greg G on 16/03/2017

    Not as risqué and raunchy as today's offerings but this was ground breaking stuff back in 1974. Thoroughly engaging, punchy and a great cast to boot. Before I knew it I was through this volume and eagerly await the next one. Loving these Crawford reissues!
  10. Another Welcome (and unexpected) Crawford DVD Release
    Posted by James on 16/03/2017

    Great to see The Box released on DVD, this was one show I thought I'd never see again. As I was only 13 in 1974 I was only an occasional watcher of the show as my parents as a rule didn't watch it but my grandparents did, so I got to see it at their place on the odd occasion. Watching it now it's actually better than I remember it, not that I thought it was bad before, just better than I remember it. It's probably got something to do with my age now, I probably understand what's going on better than when I was in my middle teens. Also nice to see a lot of the old faces, some of which of course (just like Homicide and Division 4) has passed on. One of the best things about watching the old shows is that you get both the entertainment value as well as the nostalgia value at the same time. Good to see an extended synopsis of the missing episodes, there aren't too many missing episodes for it to be a nuisance. Very much looking forward to the next volume. I give it 4 stars, only on the assumption that nothings perfect, but whoever's idea it was to release these old shows certainly deserve 5 stars.
  11. Another nostalgic gem from Crawfords
    Posted by Kym on 16/03/2017

    Having watched all available Homicide DVDs I've now got more great Aussie nostalgia to enjoy in 2015. Well done Crawfords! Keep the box sets coming!
    Posted by Unknown on 16/03/2017

    still stands the test of time ,a little dated but great to watch it again after all these years, has several missing or destroyed episodes but this does not spoil re watching the box.
    a great look back at a classic aussie soap
  13. The Box
    Posted by Rob on 16/03/2017

    Compelling viewing for the diehard Aussie TV viewers.
  14. This was my first introduction to a Crawfords Production
    Posted by Robert on 7/02/2017

    I saw this one advertised on line and took a gamble on it. Funniest 1970's show that I had ever seen by a long shot. Very High production values for 1974. Very interesting to see the old style TV cameras and studio equipment as well as the hallways which also appeared much later in Prisoner. Only thing that lets this set down is the missing episodes early on. Its great to have descriptions of the missing episodes provided but they could have had a little more detail in them. Still it is better than some one taking a decision to not release the series. One would hope that down the road some footage could be salvaged from the damaged master tapes and put on a later DVD set as an extras to help fill the gaps. Still this set is a blast to watch.

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The Box - Volume 1

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