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HUNTER - Collector's Edition

HUNTER - Collector's Edition

Product Review (submitted on 1 June 2019):
I have watched the episodes of "Hunter" that I purchased. Not having seen it since I was a child, there was much that I did not remember. But it was great being able to watch it again after so many decades.

It was interesting to see scenes of Melbourne, and how many of them have changed.

Watching the episodes now, it was apparent just how good an actor Gerard Kennedy is. He seemed more “alive” somehow than some of the other characters. Whether this was his character as written, or the intensity he brought to the character, I cannot say. But he didn’t even have to be facing the cameras to emote. In one of the early episodes, while having his back to the camera, he was still able to convey what he was thinking and how he felt with subtle movements of his body.

I had been considering contacting Crawfords for some time about "Hunter." It was one of the earlier series that you produced, and yet there had been no sign of it becoming available. I am in my sixties now, and saw it as a child in late primary school. I was worried that if you didn't release it soon, there would be no one still alive who would know of it, or be interested in seeing it. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if in fact it had been lost or destroyed like so many early BBC series had been. Apparently, this is the case with some episodes, such as episode 5.

The episodes I remember best are where Kragg became disillusioned, and changed sides, around the middle of the series. I hope that most of the series is still available, and that they will be released soon. I would certainly be buying them.

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