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Homicide - Volume 20

Homicide - Volume 20

Product Review (submitted on 30 December 2017):
Homicide Volume 20 - final in the series has to be the best yet. In 1976 Homicide aired several well-scripted episodes during it's last year on the Seven Network. This was quite remarkable when Homicide was the last of the 'big three' Crawford police dramas still on air in prime time TV not long after Division 4 and Matlock Police had
recently been axed.

So many great episodes in this series including "Double Take", "On The Run", "Bunny", "Third Generation" and "Leader of the Pack" (both 90 minutes long), "Shark Pack", "The Accident", "Gone Fishing" and the ultimate one "The Last Task" with Leonard Teale reprising his role as Sgt. Mackay.

Now that Homicide has concluded, we now move upward into the Cop Shop era of the late 1970s.

Again, Crawfords thank you for so many great memories from yesteryear.

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