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Bluey - The Complete Collection

Bluey - The Complete Collection

Product Review (submitted on 30 November 2017):
It's great to have the complete series on DVD. I just wish the picture quality was better. Anyone looking for a serious step up from a VHS tape is going to be disappointed. Also something seems to have gone awry with the aspect ratio, which is slightly narrower than the standard 4:3 "full-screen" ratio. You'll notice this when you go from the screen menu, which is in the correct ratio, to an actual episode. A dark grey band appears on either side of the image that has a habit of wiggling--or at least appears to--with monotonous regularity.

If the nostalgia value of this rarely seen TV series is more important to you than having the best possible video image, then you should enjoy the DVD presentation regardless. My advice is to take a look at the video sample on the website before buying.

Dear Robert,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

In response to your comments we have reviewed the BLUEY discs and cannot find any of the problems you have reported. We suggest that you check the aspect ratio and zoom settings on your DVD player and television. If the problem persists you should try playing the discs on another DVD TV player combination.

Feel free to contact us directly on if this does not resolve the problem.

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