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Matlock Police - Volume 1

Matlock Police - Volume 1

Product Review (submitted on 2 March 2017):
Great to see Matlock Police released on DVD, a sort of country version of Division 4 on a smaller scale. And like Division 4 it covers a wide range of crimes from traffic offences to murder, with some country type crime thrown in. Just as Division 4 has some great visuals of late-60s/early-70s suburbia, Matlock has a similar feel except with a rural or semi-rural feel of pretty much the same era.

Like the other Crawford cop shows that preceeded it, one of it's strengths lie in the cast. Michael Pate, who thanks to his previous film and radio career and long stint in America was arguably the best known (or famous) of all the Crawford Cops, with that great voice (second only to Leonard Teale in my opinion) that you could listen to all day. Followed by newcomers Grigor Taylor and Paul Cronin who both went on to successful careers, at least in the 70s. Although after being a fairly constant presence on TV in the 70s, Grigor Taylor unfortunately seemed to fade into obscurity after the end of the decade, whereas Paul Cronin mainly due to The Sullivans of course, lived on. And rounding out the regular cast was the always watchable Vic Gordon.

Then of course there was the usual who's-who of the Australian acting industry (at the time) in various guest roles and finally the great theme music, which whilst only so-called "library" music, was my favourite theme of all, particularly when "married" to the opening and closing visuals.

Definately a five-star release this one!

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