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Homicide - Volume 16

Homicide - Volume 16

Product Review (submitted on 28 February 2017):
To my mind, "Homicide" was at its absolute peak during this period - John Stanton's portrayal of the surly Sen. Det. Kelly, who was often at odds with his colleagues, added a nice layer of dramatic tension to the episodes.

This volume also has several of the best episodes ever produced - particularly "One Too Many" (George Mallaby's final episode, and probably his best performance), and "Mad Dog Kelly", featuring sensational performances from Stanton and John Waters.

Also of interest is the cross-over episode featuring "Ryan" cast members Rod Mullinar, Luigi Villani, and Colin McEwan - I second the calls for a DVD release of the entire series!

Added to that is the quality of the colour all-film episodes -while some of the transfers could have been better (scratches, splices, etc), they're still a joy to watch.

If you only see one volume of "Homicide", make it this one!

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