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Homicide - Volume 15

Homicide - Volume 15

Product Review (submitted on 28 February 2017):
This set (Volume 15) of all the sets released so far is probably the one that has the most changes from start to finish. It contains episodes 362 and 364 to 388 (363 is a 'double' episode and is on the last disc on Volume 14). There is the change from B&W to colour (in Ep 376) and three cast changes, with two in the one episode. In the space of 10 episodes it went from B&W to colour and from the Alwyn Kurts, Leonard Teale, George Mallaby and Mike Preston combination to Charles (Bud) Tingwell, George Mallaby, Gary Day and John Stanton.

With the said cast changes it also marks the end of an era with the departures of Alwyn Kurts, but more particularly Leonard Teale who appeared in over 350 episodes, who had been a regular since Ep 27. As good as Bud Tingwell & Co were, it was never the same again, still a great show mind you, but it certainly lost something when those two, particularly Teale, left the show. With due respect to the other cast members over the time, I've often thought Leonard Teale WAS Homicide.

But as for the set itself, of course we still have the wonderful array of guest actors appearing here, there and everywhere, in all sorts of roles, too numerous to list here, but there's plenty of familiar faces to be seen. And as much as I love black-and-white it is nice to see them in colour, with 13 episodes in B&W in this set and 13 in colour

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