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Homicide - Volume 11 + BONUS  The Homicide Story

Homicide - Volume 11 + BONUS The Homicide Story

Product Review (submitted on 22 February 2017):
All of the volumes of Homicide are worth buying, but this one especially with "The Homicide Story" included as a bonus. It's probably well known to a lot of people, but the first part of the Homicide Story (50 mins) was released in the mid-90s on VHS, but did not include the whole of the special, but the entire special is included here. And although the second part of the special only runs about 23 minutes or so, it's great, giving a look behind the scenes of the making of a typical episode (Ep 266). And as for the show of course, we are now past the half way mark, with probably the best remembered cast - Kurts/Teale/Mallaby/Yemm. Plus the constant stream of wonderful guest actors, as always.

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