HUNTER - Collector's Edition

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EPISODES 1 - 4  and  6 - 14

It’s the height of the ‘cold war’ and the communist threat is everywhere!
When a rocket scientist dies under suspicious circumstances, Australia’s highly secret government organisation C.O.S.M.I.C. sends for agent John HUNTER, ‘part commando, part detective, part spy’. HUNTER soon finds his nemesis in the wily and lethal agent Kragg, backed by the resources of the covert communist organisation – the C.U.C.W.  It’s classic counter-espionage intrigue when a missile launch is sabotaged at Woomera, an American astronaut is kidnapped on the Gold Coast and a young man is brainwashed into becoming an assassin.

In the continuing war against subversion and espionage
there can be no rest… not for



  • 4 DVDs
  • 13 x 1 hour episodes
  • $39.95 + $5.00 P&H


Customer Reviews

  1. Excellent
    Posted by Patty on 10/07/2020

    So good to bring back the years.I found myself searching out the various Actors on Google to see what they're doing now.Great nostalgia.


  2. I loved watching Hunter wish there were more episodes. I was a great fan of Gerard Kennedy. Can I get any more episodes of this?
    Posted by Barbara on 3/05/2020

  3. Its so beautiful
    Posted by Paul on 25/11/2019

    Please can you release the other episodes. IS there other in colours?
    Thank you getting the last 13. Very much enjoyed and treasured.
  4. Fantastic
    Posted by Paul on 18/11/2019

    Thank you for reproducing Hunter as I miss Tony very much as my best friend and brought a lot of memories. Living in Melbourne now the locations of the episode is very exciting to see of how much the city had developed. Brilliant act, of toto -Tony.
  5. fantastic
    Posted by chris on 24/08/2019

    i am very happy with my purchase
  6. it was a great dvd, interesting stories
    Posted by glenys on 17/06/2019

  7. One Of The Best Of It's Time
    Posted by Wayne on 11/06/2019

    Without a doubt this show, in this author's opinion was one of the best for it's time. It was Australia's, and Crawford's, answer to James Bond. In an era when James Bond was all the rage, we had Hunter to protect our interests. Great theme song, great action. Tony Ward as Hunter gave the role his all, making the role his. This show is fair dinkum aussie all the way.
  8. Blasts from the past
    Posted by Victoria on 3/06/2019

    Great to see that we are able to order shows that shaped television in the 70's
  9. great nostalgia
    Posted by Doreen on 3/06/2019

    great viewing. good tv back in the day.
  10. Great to see again. Please release the rest.
    Posted by Roger on 1/06/2019

    I have watched the episodes of "Hunter" that I purchased. Not having seen it since I was a child, there was much that I did not remember. But it was great being able to watch it again after so many decades.

    It was interesting to see scenes of Melbourne, and how many of them have changed.

    Watching the episodes now, it was apparent just how good an actor Gerard Kennedy is. He seemed more “alive” somehow than some of the other characters. Whether this was his character as written, or the intensity he brought to the character, I cannot say. But he didn’t even have to be facing the cameras to emote. In one of the early episodes, while having his back to the camera, he was still able to convey what he was thinking and how he felt with subtle movements of his body.

    I had been considering contacting Crawfords for some time about "Hunter." It was one of the earlier series that you produced, and yet there had been no sign of it becoming available. I am in my sixties now, and saw it as a child in late primary school. I was worried that if you didn't release it soon, there would be no one still alive who would know of it, or be interested in seeing it. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if in fact it had been lost or destroyed like so many early BBC series had been. Apparently, this is the case with some episodes, such as episode 5.

    The episodes I remember best are where Kragg became disillusioned, and changed sides, around the middle of the series. I hope that most of the series is still available, and that they will be released soon. I would certainly be buying them.
    Posted by RAYMOND on 28/05/2019

    Finally, after almost 50 years I'm able to watch this top-rated show again and without the commercials. Please release the remaining episodes.
  12. Nostalgia plus!
    Posted by Ariom on 24/05/2019

    Thoroughly enjoying watching this after 50+ years. Crawfords, please release more episodes.
  13. We want more!
    Posted by Lance on 21/05/2019

    Having not seen HUNTER since about 1973 I am thrilled to be able to see it again. PLEASE release the next 13 episodes.
  14. great to be able to watch those shows again
    Posted by johannes on 20/05/2019

    good stuff a bit of nostalgia when tv shows were still good

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HUNTER - Collector's Edition

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