Bluey - The Complete Collection

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Episodes 1 - 39

Plus - Bonus Material - 10 x mini episodes of Bargearse


BLUEY is a fast-moving action-packed police drama.
Detective Sergeant Bluey Hills is a no-nonsense down-to-earth cop.
He knows every trick in the book, and then some.

But don’t underestimate him. He’s a heap of grief to the law-breaker. He’s also a loner with his own way of getting results. His attitude doesn’t endear him to his superiors … but they can’t argue with his track record.

There has never been a cop like Bluey.
Fortunately he’s on our side.


Customer Reviews

  1. Amazing nostalgia trip!
    Posted by Kym on 14/03/2022

    Too young to have watched Bluey when it first aired, I know it from The Late Show / Bargearse days. Watching it now and absolutely loving seeing Melbourne as I remember it as a young child is priceless. Everything about it is a full on nostalgia trip. The stories stand up surprisngly well. Highly recommended to view life in the 70s.
  2. Barge arse
    Posted by Keith on 4/05/2021

    Went straight for the Barge Arse Video's. Had to reach for my Ventolin, laughs plus. Overall a different type of cop show 4 stars.
  3. great watching
    Posted by Michele on 18/04/2021

  4. Bought for a Xmas present, so hasn't been watched as yet, but came earlier than expected and well packaged
    Posted by Rachael on 24/08/2020

    Bought for a Xmas present, so hasn't been watched as yet, but came earlier than expected and well packaged
  5. Bluey
    Posted by Craig on 10/08/2020

    It is great to watch
  6. Absolutely love it, brings back great memories
    Posted by Barrie on 27/07/2020

  7. Memories
    Posted by Jean on 12/07/2020

    Watching Bluey again had relived a lot of memories and how better things were then. I love the show and always will.
  8. Very good Australian Series.
    Posted by William on 9/03/2020

    Intelligent stories, acting, editing. Wonderful Series.
  9. Bluey series
    Posted by Gerard on 28/01/2020

    Top notch, love it!
  10. awesome show
    Posted by vanessa on 22/01/2019

    such a brilliant cop show and love Bargearse as well..10 out of 10
  11. love it
    Posted by vanessa on 22/01/2019

    I am loving watching all these episdoes of Bluey . And the bonus material BargeArse is hillarious ! 10 out of 10
    Posted by darren on 27/08/2018

    really enjoyed watching bluey again the great late lucky grills and the equilly late great gerda nicholson shine in this great little time capsule of a era sadly now gone
    Posted by Anthony Crossley on 4/12/2017

    At last, Fans now have a pristine set of Bluey episodes from 1 to 39.
    The Bluey theme music is good and the series has been undervalued for many years.
    It’s hard to believe Lucky Grills had very little acting experience before landing his one and only lead role, giving a performance more experienced actors would envy.
    Grill’s handled the rough and tumble stuff with ease and even though he was an overweight smoker, always managed to run fast whilst still strong enough to cope with fight scenes.

    The supporting cast of Gerda Nicholson, John Dietrich, Ken Goodlet, Terry Gill, Victoria Quilter
    and Fred Parslow all handled their parts very well.
    The guest actors also gave convincing performances – Gerard Kennedy, Lynette Curran, Elspeth Ballantyne, Graham Rouse, Rod Mullinar, Max Cullen and many others.

    I enjoyed Ken Goodlet’s rants as the A.C., however as the character’s a busy professional,
    I would’ve thought he’d have better things to do than bother with the activities of a lowly Sergeant.
    The character of Sergeant Reg Truscott was a real scream and working undercover meant he was always being shoved into Police cars to spill his guts to Bluey about something connected with a case.
    Always looking like a Bum, Truscott ensured the Aunt Sally persona was complete and safe.
    The Run Truscott..Run.. episode showcased the character beautifully.

    As the series progressed, it became obvious something was going on between Bluey
    and Sergeant Monica Rourke.
    They may have been in love or perhaps just close friends sharing a work history,
    however there was respect and closeness between them.
    Rourke’s a very capable officer and has learnt to put up with Bluey’s crap,
    however there are limits and she’ll let him have it with both Barrels if he oversteps the mark,
    as can be seen during the ‘Tit for Tat’ episode.

    Detective Gary Dawson has to be the original naïve cleanskin, bright eyed and bushytailed
    and keen to make his mark in plain clothes policing.
    He does’nt approve of Bluey’s methods and is always pulling him up on correct procedures.
    Despite Dawson not knowing the Ropes, he’s as straight as an Arrow and prefers doing things
    by-the-book as it should be.
    Bluey will have none of Dawson’s pedantic ways and prefers to do things his way.

    Each Bluey episode was cleverly written and acted and was the last of the old style Crawford Police series before the more sophisticated Cop Shop came along.

    My favourite episode is The Mooball Man and thought the Script was well written.
  14. Another Welcome Release from the Crawford's Archive
    Posted by James on 4/12/2017

    I can't really add much to what the previous reviews said, but it's certainly another welcome release from the Crawford's Archive. All 39 episodes of Bluey on the one set with the added bonus of Bargearse as well. As much as I like Bargearse I sometimes wonder if it was a help or a hindrance to the original. Possibly it's both. I don't recall watching Bluey much on it's original airing in 1976/77, I may not have watched it at all, but I was certainly aware of it, there was probably something else good on at the same time. I didn't really re-discover it until the early 90s, I think, when The Late Show did the Bargearse parody. And then Channel 7 showed it in a late-night or early-morning timeslot sometime after that. It probably had one of the more unusual pieces of casting in Lucky Grills as Bluey, but whoever was responsible for casting him certainly got it right.
  15. back in time
    Posted by kevin cook on 4/12/2017

    great to view the old times,remember the series well,how times have changed bring back the old days,cheers for the memories.
  16. very good to watch
    Posted by gaye on 4/12/2017

    I never watched Bluey when I was growing but we watched all the others police shows , the old shows are better then some of the new shows
  17. He's Finally Here, Bluey on DVD!!!
    Posted by Mark Chesnik on 4/12/2017

    My Christmas Wish was answered with the box set of BLUEY dvds!
    It started in the seventies for me...I remember seeing a couple of episodes as a kid, Ahh that lovely red VK Regal!!!
    Then the memories were jolted when "The Late Show" revoiced the big fella and renamed him "Bargearse".
    The late night repeats in the mid nineties had the video recorder busy but missed a couple of episodes. But now all the episodes together at last!
    My only gripe would be Bargearse! Surely everybody would have seen or own a copy of the dvd,video etc of this.
    I think it would of been better to have had" Bluey Bloopers" tacked onto the dvd or interviews with John Diedrich or other people who acted in the show that are still living...RIP Lucky and Gerda.
    Apart from that I look forward to more great Crawford Shows to come onto dvd.
  18. Great series but not so great picture quality
    Posted by Robert on 30/11/2017

    It's great to have the complete series on DVD. I just wish the picture quality was better. Anyone looking for a serious step up from a VHS tape is going to be disappointed. Also something seems to have gone awry with the aspect ratio, which is slightly narrower than the standard 4:3 "full-screen" ratio. You'll notice this when you go from the screen menu, which is in the correct ratio, to an actual episode. A dark grey band appears on either side of the image that has a habit of wiggling--or at least appears to--with monotonous regularity.

    If the nostalgia value of this rarely seen TV series is more important to you than having the best possible video image, then you should enjoy the DVD presentation regardless. My advice is to take a look at the video sample on the website before buying.

    Dear Robert,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

    In response to your comments we have reviewed the BLUEY discs and cannot find any of the problems you have reported. We suggest that you check the aspect ratio and zoom settings on your DVD player and television. If the problem persists you should try playing the discs on another DVD TV player combination.

    Feel free to contact us directly on if this does not resolve the problem.

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Bluey - The Complete Collection

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