The Last Of The Australians

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THE LAST OF THE AUSTRALIANS is a remarkable and worthy milestone in Crawford Productions’ impressive library of home-grown Australian entertainment. 

First conceived in 1974 and filmed before a studio audience, this popular sit-com ran for two seasons.  Alwyn Kurts (formerly Insp. Fox in HOMICIDE) displays an uncanny comedic talent as Ted Cook, a noisy bigoted Aussie bloke in his late fifties.   A proud and patriotic ex WW2 digger, Ted now finds himself with a career as a lift operator.   He’s never without an opinion – professing a particular dislike for the Labour Party, hippies, feminists and every footy team other than his beloved Collingwood. 

Dot, his long suffering wife (played by Rosie Sturgess), knows Ted’s bark is worse than his bite and for the most part she is immune to his bluster.  Ted also knows Dot has a bite of her own. 

Gary, their 19 year old university student son is rarely without a new girlfriend.  Quick to offer his own progressive views at home – Gary often brings himself into conflict with his father. 

But beneath it all, the Cook family share a deep affection for one another.

Ted is occasionally joined by his drinking mates ‘Bluey’ Dawson (Terry Norris), Fred (John Ewart) and Barney (Maurie Fields).  Other guest artists include John Farnham, Jacki Weaver, Terry Donovan, Noni Hazlehurst and even a cameo appearance by Bob Hawke playing himself.

Enjoy THE LAST OF THE AUSTRALIANS - a uniquely Aussie comedy


  • 4 DVDs
  • 26 episodes
  • $39.95 + $5.00 P&H



Customer Reviews

  1. Aged incredibly well.
    Posted by Giuseppe on 21/02/2022

    The Last of the Australians is a great comedy that holds up well in getting laughs through politically incorrect means. It is so good to see Rosie Sturgess outside of clips of In Melbourne Tonight. I think her inclusion is what makes this series sharper than the source material that inspired it. A good transfer as well - Crawford spoils us. Pick up a copy of this series to own before they stop manufacturing DVDs.
  2. Hilarious
    Posted by Geoff on 6/09/2021

    I really enjoyed the series
  3. stiii funny
    Posted by phil on 9/08/2021

    very funny i still laugh evey time i see it thankyou for saving so many memerable tv hits
  4. Great laugh, great memories.
    Posted by Michael on 24/08/2020

    5 star
  5. good show
    Posted by Brenda on 1/07/2020

    all good very funny
  6. Wonderful!
    Posted by SJB928 on 9/06/2020

    I could not believe my eyes when I saw a commercial on the electric television for the timeless shows created by Crawford productions and in particular “The Last Of The Australians”
    I remember watching that show back in the 70’s when it was first released and how the character of Ted Cook was always the source of discussion and laughter at high school the next day. The memories of that brilliant program has stayed with me for decades. Many years later, perhaps around the time of the first Gulf War, I discovered that channel 9 was airing The Last Of The Australians at 5:00am as I would be up at that ungodly hour preparing for work.
    The memories of my high school days repeating the dialogue of dear Ted and Barney came flooding back and always put me in a good mood for my coming day at work.
    As the years have gone by I searched high and low for this show. The internet had very little to offer and the closest thing I found was a small write up in the National Film and Television archives. The Wikipedia had more information but that was of little help as I wanted to find the complete seasons for purchase.
    I recounted to my friends this wonderful program and how this show is a breath of fresh air even though it would never be broadcast again in these sickeningly political correct times.
    The joy I felt when I saw the commercial knew no bounds and now I am a very happy man to have this wonderful example of Australian television from Crawford’s stable in my collection.
    Thankyou for putting a smile on my face.
  7. A wonderful piece of TV history
    Posted by Phillipa on 29/04/2020

    We had a wonderful time going through the episodes and even saw some we missed. We'll treasure it always.
  8. Was such a funny show I just had to buy it.
    Posted by Jeanette on 9/03/2020

    So funny
  9. Capture
    Posted by edward on 7/10/2019

    brought back so many memories of a once great show
  10. Brings back great memories.
    Posted by Sam on 19/08/2019

    This comedy series is such a great gift to give,I gave it to my dad, he was thrilled and was looking forward to watching a very funny piece of television history.. 5stars Crawford’s.
  11. extremely funny
    Posted by Peter on 22/07/2019

    extremely funnier than I remember
  12. Good
    Posted by Linda on 8/07/2019

    We havent laughed so much as we have watching the last of the Australians we loved the dvds
  13. great show
    Posted by johannes on 5/06/2019

    pity they don't make comedy like this anymore
  14. Brilliant
    Posted by Lee on 3/06/2019

    This brought back memories. Shame many can’t remember it, but well worth watching.
  15. PC Incorrect but so funny!
    Posted by David on 25/05/2019

    I remember this series when it first went to air then Channel 9 burying it in the overnight hours. By today's standards, Ted Cook would not survive the politically correct life we have to live but, there are still many Ted Cook's around and it is so funny to see how his family are aware of his shortcomings in tolerance and love to wind him up. If you have never seen it, do yourself a favour and watch the episode Unholy Mess.
  16. All time funniest show ever.
    Posted by Wayne on 24/05/2019

    Without a doubt, one of the best sit-coms to come out of Australian TV during 1975-76. This show was well written, well acted and you could identify with the charactors so easily. This show is a classic of Australian TV, and a classic straight out of Crawford Productions. One of the best shows they ever produced, outside of all their cop shows. Every episode is a gem.
  17. been looking for this DVD for about 2 years and ocne found your website it took about 5 minutes to arrange delivery
    Posted by David on 23/05/2019

    fantastic service
  18. very funny
    Posted by ross on 20/05/2019

    we need more shows like this one
  19. Great Memories
    Posted by Raelene on 20/05/2019

    I bought this for a friend who loved this show and it bought back so many memories for him about his uncle who has passed away. He love re-watching the show over again. Thank you Crawford’s for releasing it.I bought this for a friend who loved this show and it bought back so many memories for him about his uncle who has passed away. He loved re-watching the show over again. Thank you Crawford’s for releasing it.
  20. Subtitles
    Posted by Vicki on 3/06/2018

    Hi can anybody tell me if this DVD has subtitles as my dad is deaf but would love this series thanks

    Hi Vicki,
    Thank you for your query. Unfortunately, no this series does not have subtitles available.
    Best regards,
    Crawford Productions Pty Ltd
    Posted by darren on 10/04/2018

    been waiting for the last of the australians to be released not dissapointed ! great australian comedy and well worth the money alwyn kurts and rosie sturgges at their best, the late great morrie fields and terry norris also star highlly rec
  22. great show
    Posted by Sandy on 4/04/2018

    Still as hilarious today as it was when it first screened - excellent cast and excellent show Well worth the money

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The Last Of The Australians

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