The Box - Volume 3

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THE BOX is a sexy exposé of the uninhibited lives of the cast, crew, executives, writers and producers who work at the fictional television station Channel 12. Scandals and promiscuity are the order of the day.

Episodes 106 - 155

In Volume 3, Fanny returns to being Mrs. Sinclair, Judy Donovan becomes involved with a shady used car salesman named Johnny and Barbie returns to have her baby. At Channel 12, Vicky’s first episode of ‘Girl Talk’ shocks the management, Gary’s ex-wife gets a job, Lee gets a new Production Assistant and Max runs into marital problems.

Customer Reviews

  1. Great!
    Posted by Matthew on 6/12/2021

    Another quality product from Crawfords!
  2. great show, keep them coming
    Posted by johannes on 5/06/2019

    great to see the better shows of then, brings back lots of good memories
  3. One of the best shows of the 1970's
    Posted by Wayne on 24/05/2019

    This show, "The Box" Vol. 3 was ahead of its time. It's great to see those actors who were household names at the time and those who would go on to become household names in later productions. Produced at a time when there was a lot of work available and a lot of productions happening that many actors, producers, directors and writers learnt a lot about the industry. It promoted a lot about Australia, and while politically incorrect by today's standards, says a lot about who we are as a people, where we've come from and where we were headed. This show is a classic example of a time capsule showing life in Australia before the internet, smart phones, and all manner of modern technology. A time when life seemed simpler. This show, along with its sister volumes, is a must have in anyone's collection.
    Posted by Dave from Collarenebr on 16/03/2017

    What a great show and cant wait for Volume Four
    But even funnier is the Movie of the Box

    The funniest movie ever when Tony sinks Sir Henrys Houseboat
    and feasaturing Graham Kennedy Havnt seen it since 1975

    Please release volume four and the Movie

    Cant Wait

    Also have all of the Crawfords Cop Shows Fantastic
  5. UCV 12 continues to rock
    Posted by Robert Lia on 16/03/2017

    Enjoying this third set very much. I have slowed down my viewing as there appears to not be a volume 4 on the horizon any time soon. Still lots of action, comedy and humor to enjoy. Come on Crawford's lets have some sort of announcement one way or the other about future box sets so I can schedule my future purchases.

    Moving on to the 4th DVD of the set this week
    Posted by Lance on 16/03/2017

    Come on people buy THE BOX to ensure many more releases.
  7. RIP Lois Ramsey
    Posted by Mr G on 16/03/2017

    With the recent passing of the great Lois Ramsey, let's hope that her terrific performance as Mrs H will be remembered and enjoyed with the continuing release of all the episodes of The Box on DVD. Is volume 4 in the pipeline??
  8. Great entertainment
    Posted by M.walden on 16/03/2017

    Wow! The Box episodes in this volume seem to be even better than I remember them when I saw them in 1974. The show is engaging and well acted with great characters and story lines. The digital transfer makes the black and white image very clear and very watchable. The next volume should have colour episodes so I can hardly wait.
  9. More great entertainment
    Posted by Robert Myall on 16/03/2017

    More great entertainment, well presented. Sir Henry Usher (Fred Betts) gets funnier and funnier and these episodes introduce Gary's ex-wife Chris (Carol Passmore), a manipulative socialite who weasels her way into the station and causes all sorts of irritation. Management figure Max Knight (Barrie Barkla) might be a slimy snake of a character, but bouncing between Chris and Sir Henry, he can be pretty funny. George Mallaby as Paul Donovan continues to provide expert acting as his increasingly bemused character copes with these upheavals. The stunning Kay Webster (Belinda Giblin) is imbroiled in a romance with documentary filmmaker David Warner (Shane Porteous) and again this causes problems in other parts of her life. Why Kay is bothering with the not-that-attractive David is a mystery until you remember she is clearly still hung up on the very married Paul... and there's other great stuff too. Not to be missed!
  10. Great viewing
    Posted by Darren Gray on 16/03/2017

    I thoroughly enjoyed volume 3 of The Box. Looking forward to volume 4, hopefully we wont have to wait too long for it.
  11. "THE BOX" - Welcome Back old Friend!
    Posted by Andrew Raphael on 16/03/2017

    The year was 1974! Gough was PM, Richmond went 'back to back' and Frank said some things he shouldn't have! and along came "The Box"! For this 12 year old in grade 6 it was compulsive viewing (along with a block of flats in Sydney!). Thank you Crawfords for giving this 53 year old in 2015 the chance to relive those memories all over again! What a delight to not only see it again but at the same time give me a chance to be that 12 year old in 1974 all over again! Brilliant!

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The Box - Volume 3

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