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THE BOX is a sexy exposé of the uninhibited lives of the cast, crew, executives, writers and producers who work at the fictional television station Channel 12. Scandals and promiscuity are the order of the day.

In Volume 2, Tony is instrumental in getting Mrs. Hopkins' son Wayne out of jail. Cathy realises she cannot change Lee, Felicity worms her way to the top, Jean falls in love and Fanny runs into financial difficulties. Don gets engaged to two girls at once and Vicki threatens to publish a scandal story that could bring Channel 12 to a halt.


Customer Reviews

  1. Fantastic
    Posted by Matthew on 12/11/2021

    I bought Volume One on a whim, became addicted, and had to buy Volume Two. Thank you for sharing a time capsule of quality TV. I wasn't even born when this show was originally broadcast, so this is a treat.
  2. The excitment contiunes
    Posted by Robert Lia on 16/03/2017

    The action continues at Channel 12 in volume 2 that is for sure. Sneaky and slutty little Felicity schemes her way into Big Night Out and into an American Porno Movie. Great casting and hopefully the last ever missing episode of the series. I have to credit being an American the way they have an Australian Actor doing an American Hollywood movie producer from the 1970's, I am used to cringing seeing a BBC-TV series try to get an American accent but The Box did it superbly. I have already ordered volume 3 and look forward to an announcement on volume 4 of The Box
  3. Another great release
    Posted by Robert Myall on 16/03/2017

    Another excellently presented batch of episodes of The Box. The pace of the storylines does not let up with Lee Whiteman (Paul Karo) camper than ever and attracting the romantic attention of sweet Cathy Holliday (Kay McFeeter), the ebullient (and frequently nude) TV starlet Fanny Adams (Vanessa Leigh), and arrogant new writer Athol Davidson (Mark Randall). The participation of the bombastic Sir Henry Usher (Fred Betts) increases as the series progresses and Betts gives a great performance - with many nice comic moments. Schemers Vicki (Judy Nunn) and Gary (Peter Regan) team up and double the intrigue. Mick (Luigi Villani) adds a nice line in comedy while Marion Knight (Margaret Cruickshank) brings a nice new brand of drama. The sensational Belinda Giblin remains in top form as secretary Kay Webster who always falls for the wrong (i.e. married) man. The riveting drama continues, with a nice infusion of added comedy. I can't wait for the next release and sincerely hope that Crawfords release the whole series. The Box is a great show!
  4. The Box (Vol 2) - More Good Stuff
    Posted by James on 16/03/2017

    The Box Volume 2 contains 50 episodes (Ep 55 to 105) with only one episode missing, episode 57. Whilst I only watched the show occasionally when originally aired I was familiar with the main characters and actors, so it's interesting to see Shane Porteous and Syd Heylen turn up playing a couple of different characters towards the end of the set. I didn't realise they were in it, but that's not surprising. It'll be nice to see what other familiar faces turn up in subsequent episodes. The only real drawback with the show, and it's not a drawback with the show really, is at 23 minutes or so an episode you do go through them rather quickly. You can easily go through a whole disc (7 or 8 episodes) in one night. Very much looking forward to Volume 3 which I believe is due for release in September, so not long to wait!
  5. still holds up well
    Posted by Unknown on 16/03/2017

    the box, a great snapshot of life in the 1970s, they don't make TV like this anymore, a credit to hector Crawford
    highly recommend.
    still very entertaining
    cant wait for "the last of the Australians" with the great alwyn kurts
  6. Great Australian TV
    Posted by JEN on 16/03/2017

    I'm so pleased to see that some of these fine shows are being released now. The Box, The Sullivans, Carsons Law, The Flying Doctors, Matlock Police etc were programmes many of us remember very fondly. Thank you Crawfords!
  7. Perky Peas
    Posted by Greg Gamble on 16/03/2017

    Those two words dominate the discourse in Volume 2. Thoroughly enjoyed this batch of episodes. Blackmail, kick backs, prostitution, stand over men, extra marital affairs, it's all there. Compelling drama. Great cast, some real odd ball characters too. George Mallaby, Graeme Blundell, Paul Karo and of course the lovely Belinda Giblin to name but a few of the stand outs. Fascinating to observe the prevailing attitudes to homosexuality at the time and how it was portrayed. Oh and did I mention perky peas?. The segment on big night out so steeped in controversy and corruption. I cannot wait for Volume 3!.
  8. the box is excellent!
    Posted by Unknown on 16/03/2017

    Thank you for releasing vol.1 &2 of The Box onto dvd . I am enjoying both dvd's very much. I am looking forward to volume 3 coming out soon. Will there be any missing episodes in the next volume? Regards Craig.
  9. Excellent viewing
    Posted by Darren Gray on 16/03/2017

    I thoroughly enjoyed volume two of The Box, plenty of twists and turns and thrilling adventures to keep anyone hooked. Unfortunately they don't make shows like this anymore, more's the pity. Thank you Crawford DVD for giving audiences the chance to re-visit the golden era of Australian television drama. I'm looking forward to volume three!
  10. At loonnng last
    Posted by Rick on 16/03/2017

    The long wait is finally over and Crawfords are releasing such rare, precious episodes that I've waited YEARS for!! All other shows (Homicide, Division 4 etc) have recently been shown again on TV. All I can say is Thank you Thank you Thank you. Looking forward to Volume 3.. Worth every cent!!!
  11. Aussie "Sex-&-Sin" TV at its finest!
    Posted by Chris Keating on 16/03/2017

    So glad to see Volume 2 finally released - it's another great treasure trove of early 70's Aussie TV memories, with the staff of Channel 12 getting involved in all manner of misdeeds - drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling, dodgy sponsors; you name it, it's in there.

    A great core cast turns in some wonderful performances - I always preferred "The Box" to "96", and seeing these episodes just confirms it!

    If you haven't already done so, grab Volume 1 - you'll be hooked in no time...

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The Box - Volume 2

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