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Episodes 1 - 39

Plus - Bonus Material - HOMICIDE - Episode 408 featuring Ryan


RYAN – a tough ex-cop turned private investigator who moves with the sleekness of a cat, and a mind that can often be as cold and calculating as that of his foe. Ryan is a dangerous man… but only to his enemies.

Ryan is ably assisted by his ‘Girl Friday’, the very bright and resourceful Julie King – and to back him up day and night, Tony Angelini, his dedicated and street wise offsider with a knack for undercover work.

Ryan’s world is often one of violence, conflict and emotion, whether it’s the waterfront, the suburbs or the corporate world, they all have their crime.. and they all need Ryan.

Rod Mullinar                  as Michael Ryan
Pamela Stephenson   as Julie King
Luigi Villani                   as Tony Angelini

RYAN - the Private Detective with a touch of class.


Customer Reviews

  1. Excellent DVD well worth buying.
    Posted by GEOFFREY on 27/04/2020

  2. ryan
    Posted by edward on 22/10/2019

    what a show it still hasnt lost its touch my cousin had a charger with the same color and model/pamela anderson went on to bigger things well worth buying
  3. Great series
    Posted by david on 24/06/2019

    This was the 1st time i have bought anything from crawfords. Great product and great service Thank You.
  4. I want Ryan's Charger!
    Posted by Mark on 19/06/2019

    I was too young to have seen this show when it first aired on Aussie TV.
    Having seen bits of the show on tv specials just made me want to see it more.
    I have to say I have enjoyed it as it is very different to the other Crawford police shows of the time.It makes you wonder why we have such crap tv on now espeacially when we had such a great lot of drama on offer.By the way where is the Charger these days??? I hate to think.
  5. Brilliant stuff!!
    Posted by Chris on 20/05/2019

    This was by far my favourite Crawford show when I was young, and seeing a few episodes in the last decade really made me hungry for more.

    The DVD didn't disappoint - fabulous, fabulous stuff! Given that it was the first Crawford series to be produced in colour and therefore a trial-and-error process, the production values were surprisingly high, generally good storylines, and great performances from the lead cast.

    Running order was a tad annoying - some episodes were clearly made earlier than the order they were in on the DVD, but that's a relatively minor thing.

    Inclusion of the "Homicide" episode featuring the "Ryan" cast was also very welcome - pity they didn't do that cross-over a few more times!
    Posted by darren on 27/08/2018

    after all these years still a great show hector crawford and his great team certainly knew how to make great television a little bit dated but a great show of a era (sadly) now gone
    very entertaining
    Posted by Anthony on 26/07/2018

    Here we go again, with yet another thrilling instalment from the vast Crawford Tv Library,
    namely the private eye series RYAN (1972-1973)
    Whilst not a great series, RYAN was’nt a bad one either.
    Some of the Scripts were penned by established writers, with good performances throughout, however the tendency to use the same actors is obvious, with some appearing in more than
    2 episodes.

    As RYAN was packaged as an ‘action’ drama, there was very little character development between the 3 leads.
    We don’t know much about Michael Ryan, other than being an ex Victorian Police officer,
    with 2 Russell Street contacts, namely Sergeants Ken Wade and Dan Cullen.

    Ryan and Cullen have a love/hate relationship, in that he does’nt always approve of the way Ryan operates, but gives enough support in cases where Police help is necessary.
    Unlike his other comrades, Ryan can be irritable and abrupt, however is a very honest man
    who plays fair with his Clients.
    Ryan’s offsider, Tony Angelini once worked as a Cabbie, however ends up gainfully employed
    by Ryan and is a great support when needed. Angelini tried very hard to please his boss.

    The delicious Pamela Stephenson plays Ryan’s Secretary, Julie King..a Blonde, suntanned babe
    with a soft, seductive voice.
    She made herself available after hours if Ryan needed help, however I’m puzzled about the kind
    of relationship they had.

    Ryan and King could be flirtatious together, however this tended to reduce as the series progressed, leaving us not knowing what could have been.
    They obviously liked each other, however a romantic entanglement was never explored.
    Apparently, King has been employed by Ryan for only a few months and apart from her stint
    as a Nurse, we learn little else about her. Like Angelini, she tried hard to please her boss.

    In line with an action based series, the VH Valiant Charger was a stand-out.
    According to the different number Plates, there appears to have been 2 identical cars.
    The one seen in the early episodes (LEY-737) had a severe dunking in a flooded roadway
    and was probably written off and replaced by a second VH Charger.
    ‘Come the Liberation’ was a fitting title for the dunking episode.

    All chase scenes were well staged by experienced Stunt drivers and on more than one occasion,
    the poor Charger suffered its share of dents, as evidenced in the HOMICIDE episode
    ‘As simple as ABZ’.
    As far as I know, RYAN was the only series in which the main characters appeared in an episode
    of another show.

    The Police office set from HOMICIDE makes an appearance in several episodes, negating the need
    to build something new.
    The thing that struck me most about Michael Ryan, was the amount of help and information
    he got – no privacy laws to worry about here !.

    In closing, RYAN was’nt an outstanding addition to the Crawford stable of Tv programs,
    however the show was a welcome change from other Police dramas screened during the 1970’s.

    (July 26th , 2018)

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Ryan - The Complete Collection

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