Matlock Police - Volume 4

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EPISODES 79 - 104

In Volume 4, Const. Hogan’s younger brother is held captive by a religious fanatic when he comes to visit, a raid on a two-up school leads to the discovery of an illicit moonshine racket and Det. Alan Curtis gets a promotion – making way for Sen. Det. York to join the Matlock team.


  • 7 DVDs
  • 26 x 1 hour episodes
  • $59.95 + $5.00 P&H

Customer Reviews

  1. Great Show, great sender
    Posted by Craig on 8/03/2021

    Matlock police
  2. Surprise enjoyment watching Matlock after 50 years!
    Posted by Bea on 4/11/2019

    Easy watchig and pleasantly enjoyable watching actors in their early days of television performances. They are young gorgeiys entertaining ( many giggles) and enthusiastic to do their best.
    Recommend marketing these DVD's to aged care facilities in all States!
  3. Awesome
    Posted by Justin on 27/05/2019

    Reminds me of my younger years and the beginnings of Australian televion. A must see
  4. Excellent
    Posted by Patricia on 20/05/2019

    very enjoyable viewing
  5. Just finished episode #094 this morning
    Posted by Robert on 29/06/2017

    1972 seems to be moving ahead at quite a pace. Lots of good story's in this set some were really creepy and very different from any of the American Cop shows. Interesting to see some of the actors that appear later on in both Prisoner Cell Block H and The Box just 18 months later on. IF I had to cast a single negative thing about the series it would be the repetitive use of some actors including Gerard Maguire and Margaret Cruickshank and a few others. This is not a knock on there performances but how many times can the same actor be used over and over again. At least with Gerald they made an attempt to make him look different in some of his appearance's. Margaret looks the same in just about every show. Especially in the scene where she plays the daughter of Fred Bett's character. Reminded me of the way those two appear together on The Box. Over all the series continues to rock. Will be starting Volume 5 in another 2 weeks so its almost time to order volume 6. And while I'm here America needs volume 5 of The Box. . . .
  6. Wonderful Memories
    Posted by wayne on 14/03/2017

    Takes me back to when i was a kid..I used to come home from schooland watch Matlock.Great memories.Thank you for releasing Matlock on DVD..I never thought i would ever see them again.
  7. Matlock
    Posted by Unknown on 14/03/2017

    Nice to see the shows from my younger years
    Keep it up can't wait for next volume
  8. Great crime series
    Posted by Peter Criddle on 14/03/2017

    Matlock Police is an excellent show. It's action at its best as the police work through the mysteries. We can also see what the world was like back in the 70s.
  9. Matlock rreturns to prime time
    Posted by mark ruyssenaers on 14/03/2017

    Like all the Crawford police productions they are all good to watch again and return to the 70's and forget about the present.
    Posted by Anthony Crossley. on 14/03/2017

    Volume 4 of Matlock Police is the best one yet.
    The ‘Ghosts’ episode is very atmospheric, however the tension between Joe Czoski’s Wife and his mother was never explained.

    ‘Robbery’ is an action packed episode with much to offer, including John Stanton giving his typical Schizoid performance.
    Jill Forster also makes an appearance alongside her future husband - Mr Stanton.

    ‘The Recurrence of Brandy MacBain’ is an outstanding episode and proves if a production has
    good writers, ordinary can become extraordinary, as this episode surely is.

    One scene that’s always stayed with me is the one where the woman steps out of the Wardrobe
    and says in a man’s Voice ‘You killed my Baby’ !...
    A simple scene, but very effective in conveying fear and confusion.
    If I had to criticise ‘The Recurrence of Brandy MacBain’, it would have to be the implausible
    How could a Man dressed as a woman find work as a Teacher ?.
    Despite this, the episode is involving and very watchable.

    Did anyone notice the 2 different Kombi Vans in the ‘Collision Course’ episode ?.
    Look at the size of the Tailgate Window which changes between scenes.

    ‘Bedlam’ is Tom Richards first appearance as Senior Detective Steve York, however he
    can be seen in several earlier episodes.
    The storyline works well and is quite funny, with Fred Cul Cullen playing his usual drunken
    routine a little too well.

    ‘Poor Jacko’ highlights bullying and how easy it is for someone to be victimised.
    I related to ‘Jacko’ on a personal level and thought he deserved a fair go.
    It’s a shame Crawford’s did’nt make better use of Actor Jack Allen, as he did’nt appear in
    many series.

    ‘Adam’s Disciple’ was excellent and featured a typically good performance by Keith Eden playing
    a Religious nutter.

    Matlock Police is now (1972) looking more polished, but never had the gloss or popularity
    of Homicide, but no matter I still like the show and will continue purchasing new Volumes.
    One important thing that’s overlooked about the Crawford Releases is they represent a time capsule of the way Melbourne and its surroundings looked during the 1960’s and 70’s,
    Including old Cars, fashions, phone boxes, hairstyles, actors, etc...

    These old Tv programs reflect a time when Australia was a much better country,
    where there was prosperity and hope for the future.
    People were happier during this time, which is sadly no longer the case.

    Tony Crossley
  11. GREAT
    Posted by Unknown on 14/03/2017

    Very happy
  12. Terrific entertainment
    Posted by S. Gleeson on 14/03/2017

    This volume of Matlock Police is terrific, even if the beginning credits of the 1973 season are not as effective as the fast moving action of the 1972 season. It is interesting to see some of the actors in this volume, such as Lynda Keane and Shane Porteous who went on to starring roles in The Box the following year. The episode with husband and wife John Stanton and Jill Forster is particularly well acted with an ending that shows how very good the acting standards were in the Crawfords shows in the seventies.
  13. Matlock was the best
    Posted by Unknown on 14/03/2017

    Pity they could not make a new series of Matlock it is the best series ever made .
    Please mr Crawford remake matlock it would be better than all this other rot on TV toady.
  14. Matlock was the best
    Posted by Unknown on 14/03/2017

    Pity they could not make a new series of Matlock it is the best series ever made .
    Please mr Crawford remake matlock it would be better than all this other rot on TV toady.
  15. Matlock Po;ice Vol 4
    Posted by Jennifer Shea on 14/03/2017

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Action packed and just great.
  16. best police series
    Posted by grant horne on 14/03/2017

    Haven't started watching it yet as haven't quite finished watching volume 3. Have browsed through the described episodes and noticed Tom Richards is coming into it a bit later into the volume. He was in it several years ago when I first started watching it then at late hours of the night, used to record it Tuesday mornings 3:00pm. He was in Sons and Daughters too. One more disc to watch on volume 3.
    Am also waiting for Sullivans 19 to arrive in the mail.

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Matlock Police - Volume 4

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