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EPISODES 362, 364 - 388

Volume 15 marks a dramatic and colourful turning point with the first 13 colour episodes. We see the departure of Inspector Fox, Mackay receives a promotion and transfer and Det. Sgt. Delaney is tragically killed in the line of duty. Inspector Lawson (Charles Bud Tingwell) is recalled from London to head the Homicide squad and Sen. Detectives Phil Redford (Gary Day) and Pat Kelly (John Stanton) join the team. This landmark volume is a must see addition to the collection.


  • 7 DVDs
  • 26 x 1 hour episodes
  • $59.95 + $5.00 P&H

Customer Reviews

  1. Whew! What a ride!
    Posted by Marilyn on 7/01/2019

    This is a rollercoaster of a volume. We change to colour, and over the course of these episodes w e go from what some people call the Old Homicide to the New Homicide. In this vol we have the famous "We'll both remember Angie" where Mike Delaney leaves in dramatic fashion. "Initiation"heralds the arrival of colour and Gary Day. (A family friend Bill Bennetts also appears, which was a highlight for me). Other stand out eps "The Assassin", The Koorandra Killing" which sees Bud Tingwell installed as the new Inspector, and John Stanton a very welcome addition. A very friendly Fellow is also a great ep and won Cul Cullen a couple of Logies I believe. An amazing Volume and a must-have in any Homicide fan's collection.
  2. exelent show
    Posted by todd on 28/09/2017

    I remember the episode 380. LEOPOLD ALEXANDER HAMILTON ESQUIRE for its time was a very graphic episode as I was only 6 years old at the time it scared me but watching it now it was probably in my eyes the best colour episode
  3. Death, Colour, More Death and New Faces
    Posted by Mark Chesnik on 5/05/2017

    Well!!! We leave the Black and White Eps with Bob Delaney( Mike Preston) getting blown up, then glorious colour comes in with Gary Day joining the team And THEN the man Homicide himself "Len Teale" leaves when Alwyn gets shot.
    Enter stage left for Bud Tingwell and John Stanton! Full on or what.
    My only criticism is that some of the colour episodes film does not seem to be in the best of quality in some episodes BUT they are and will be still enjoyable to watch.
  4. Homicide & Division 4
    Posted by Brett Wilson on 28/02/2017

    i grew up on the streets of Melbourne as a child into teenage years ,the streets the stories and the lifestyle tis is how it really was! these shows and the realism is 100% authentic
  5. colour
    Posted by Unknown on 28/02/2017

    I like it in colour.
  6. love the colour episodes
    Posted by Unknown on 28/02/2017

    Just gotten up to the colour episodes and love it even more! Being so used to the B/W episodes fir so long its weird to see it in colour but absolutely love it! Bring on the next volumes of all the police shows. Grwat job as always crawfords :)
    Posted by Tony Crossley on 28/02/2017

    The coloured episodes of HOMICIDE have now been reached starting with volume 15.
    There are still a number of black & white episodes left to run before the colour ones start.
    Mike Preston was completely miscast as Sergeant Bob Delaney.
    The character’s quite dull and not much is known about him.
    There are many episodes where Delaney does’nt say or do much.
    Preston never fitted in with the regular cast and looks and sounds too different to be effective in the role.
    There’s also confusion about Delaney’s rank, the slick states ‘Senior Detective’, which is mentioned in several episodes, however sometimes it’s ‘Sergeant’.
    Preston’s departure from HOMICIDE involves being blown to bits by a home made bomb.
    Alwyn Kurts is an extremely heavy smoker and is never seen without a cigarette in his mouth
    or on his desk.
    He smokes everywhere – in people’s homes, airports, cars, hospitals etc…the man’s a walking chimney stack !..

    The best episode would have to be - “They clear them every Thursday”,
    which strangely is the only one without a writer’s credit.
    The funniest scene comes towards the end, when Fox states the garbos are on strike,
    which explains why evidence dumped by the elderly killer is still in a rubbish bin.

    Unlike Mike Preston, Gary Day’s entrance is far more effective.
    He’s all ‘yes sir, no sir..three bags full sir’ and manages to stay this way for the rest of the series.
    The “Assassin” episode is a standout and marks the end of Leonard Teale and Alwyn Kurt’s
    tenure with the series.

    Despite a tight script, here are 2 mistakes connected with the shooting of Fox.
    The exit wound on Fox’s forehead is inconsistent with the height, distance and angle of the shooter’s line-of-sight, meaning the exit wound is in the wrong position.

    The second error concerns the placement of Mackay’s fingers on the side of Fox’s neck,
    The carotid artery is lower down and to the front of the neck.
    Mackay’s Fingers were too high to check for a pulse and for a so-called shooting,
    there was very little blood.

    “The Kooranda Killing” marks the entrances of Charles Tingwell as Inspector Reg Lawson
    and John Stanton as Detective Pat Kelly.
    Tingwell is very convincing as a police inspector, with Stanton giving a typical
    schizoid performance.

    I’ve noticed the number of times the Doors are opened and closed in the office set.
    Norman Yemm once told me they had to be closed to keep the flies out !...
    The set looks solid and impressive and comes up very well in colour.
    Needless to say, I’ve been waiting a long time to see the colour episodes and will now start purchasing volumes as they are released.
  8. Imressive cast changes
    Posted by Alison McRae on 28/02/2017

    There are more cast changes in this period of Homicide than ever before but don't worry Crawfords knew what they were doing by introducing such great actors as Tingwell Day and Stanton and i love those Valiants very fast shipping and loved the qaulity keep up the great work Crawfords
    Posted by Luke on 28/02/2017

    BRILLIANT and FANTASTIC with great acting from the main cast as well as the guest actors including Sigrid Thornton as well as ex Homicide cast members Terry McDermott and Lex Mitchell as well as great scenes as well and it is great to see the colour episodes on the DVD. Look forward to Volume 16.
    Posted by James on 28/02/2017

    This set (Volume 15) of all the sets released so far is probably the one that has the most changes from start to finish. It contains episodes 362 and 364 to 388 (363 is a 'double' episode and is on the last disc on Volume 14). There is the change from B&W to colour (in Ep 376) and three cast changes, with two in the one episode. In the space of 10 episodes it went from B&W to colour and from the Alwyn Kurts, Leonard Teale, George Mallaby and Mike Preston combination to Charles (Bud) Tingwell, George Mallaby, Gary Day and John Stanton.

    With the said cast changes it also marks the end of an era with the departures of Alwyn Kurts, but more particularly Leonard Teale who appeared in over 350 episodes, who had been a regular since Ep 27. As good as Bud Tingwell & Co were, it was never the same again, still a great show mind you, but it certainly lost something when those two, particularly Teale, left the show. With due respect to the other cast members over the time, I've often thought Leonard Teale WAS Homicide.

    But as for the set itself, of course we still have the wonderful array of guest actors appearing here, there and everywhere, in all sorts of roles, too numerous to list here, but there's plenty of familiar faces to be seen. And as much as I love black-and-white it is nice to see them in colour, with 13 episodes in B&W in this set and 13 in colour
  11. Impressive Television
    Posted by Tony on 28/02/2017

    Great to see a TV show where there is a good plot and good acting after so many years of seeing a reliance on special effects and unnecessary violence. I really enjoyed watching this show- still good after all these years. It was as good as I remembered it.
  12. excellant
    Posted by Unknown on 28/02/2017

    Thank you, great good quality product, packaged well, arrived Undamaged.
  13. Great for petrol heads.
    Posted by Bill on 28/02/2017

    Great memories of the cars I grew up with, local suburbs and Aussie actors.

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Homicide - Volume 15

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