Homicide - Volume 11 + BONUS The Homicide Story

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Episodes 261 - 286

In Volume 11 the detectives investigate crimes of passion, a proxy marriage scheme turned to prostitution and a man who overhears his wife plotting to do him in. Inspector Fox’s impartiality comes into question when he investigates a cold case involving an old flame.


  • 7 DVDs
  • 26 x 1 hour episodes
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A 75 minute documentary special produced in 1970 to celebrate the series’ sixth anniversary. Featuring highlights from the HOMICIDE series and narrated by Leonard Teale, THE HOMICIDE STORY includes a wide selection of amusing clips from the early episodes, behind the scenes anecdotes and unique footage showing the people and the processes involved in the production of episode 266 – ‘Have you heard about the Laurences’.

Customer Reviews

  1. Quality entertainment as always
    Posted by Rick on 20/07/2020

    Thanks again to Crawfords for more quality entertainment. Revisiting my childhood TV viewing of HOMICIDE has certainly been very enjoyable. Great to see so many notable Australian actors on the screen, some of whom I actually worked with as an actor during the 80s. Interesting to note that given the limited amount of actors of the time, the same actors would be cast in different roles; sometimes within months of prior appearances as different characters. I have introduced some UK Prisoner fans to the Homicide DVDS, and they have already begun buying them! So as to catch a glimpse of their favourite actors from the 80s hit, PRISONER. Crawfords, one request ... P L E A S E release Volume 5 of THE BOX. The first colour volume! We are all waiting in antici ....... P A T I O N! I'm looking forward to my next DVD purchase from Crawfords. NEVER disappointed.
  2. Homicide Still Great
    Posted by Norman on 14/10/2019

    Homicide Is Still a great show after all these years the quality is great
  3. Great series great episodes and bonus disc is fantastic
    Posted by keith on 19/08/2019

    10 /10
  4. Makes me want to put on black fedora and slam a car door!
    Posted by Mark Chesnik on 22/02/2017

    Another classic show that I only heard about, too young to stay up and watch!
    I too bought the VHS version of "The Homicide Story" back in the 90's but didn't realise it wasn't the full special. Great to see it now in it's entirety.
    Look forward to every volume that is released and bring on more Crawford shows to dvd like Bluey and Ryan.
  5. Great Stuff With Entire Special
    Posted by James on 22/02/2017

    All of the volumes of Homicide are worth buying, but this one especially with "The Homicide Story" included as a bonus. It's probably well known to a lot of people, but the first part of the Homicide Story (50 mins) was released in the mid-90s on VHS, but did not include the whole of the special, but the entire special is included here. And although the second part of the special only runs about 23 minutes or so, it's great, giving a look behind the scenes of the making of a typical episode (Ep 266). And as for the show of course, we are now past the half way mark, with probably the best remembered cast - Kurts/Teale/Mallaby/Yemm. Plus the constant stream of wonderful guest actors, as always.
  6. love it all
    Posted by Mike Terry on 22/02/2017

    Just received vol 11 with the homicide story dvd and each volume gets better and better! Love it all and looking forward to much more!
  7. all good
    Posted by greg turner on 22/02/2017

    Once again you have delivered a quality product promptly and damage free upon arrival. Please keep up the good work, and once again thank you regards Greg turner
  8. homicide volume11
    Posted by greg ahcjay on 22/02/2017

    Good to see homicide released on dvd AND OTHER POLICE SHOWS like matlock police witch bring back memories
  9. Homicide Vol 11
    Posted by Ric tester on 22/02/2017

    I have waited decades to see these fine Australian productions again. As is the case for all previous volumes, this one is excellent. Over the run of the series, we can see how the team changed and how the melbourne landscape (both social and geographic) evolved.
    Keep them coming - this is the best re-releae project I have seen so far
  10. More Great Shows
    Posted by Leith Lindsay on 22/02/2017

    Another set to my previous ten volumes is yet another great visit to the past. Watching the episodes showing the slow progress in set development is interesting and to see just how far we as a country have developed is awe-inspiring. The actors are developing and the attempts at humour are somewhat misplaced at times but love watching every episode. Keep them coming and looking forward to much more good old time entertainment.
  11. Crawfords - the best.
    Posted by Carol on 22/02/2017

    Homicide is one of the best programmes ever to be shown on Australian T.V. I'm "over the moon" that all the old Crawford show are being released onto dvd. Please keep them coming. I'm hooked. I also love Matlock and Division 4. I have the entire series of "The Flying Doctor". They're all superb viewing.
  12. Homicide is the Best
    Posted by Beth on 22/02/2017

    Homicide was Australia's best TV series in the 1960-70s, in my opinion. It's fascinating to watch the fashion of the time, how women were treated 'the wife' etc., how Ford, Holden & Chrysler were the dominant cars then more imports come in. I hope the rest of the series come out pretty quick. I've been hooked again. Lovely Leonard Teale, Norman Yemm, George Mallaby, Alwyn Kurts, John Fegan, Lionel Long, Leslie Dayman are all back in these series. Bliss.
  13. Homicide - finally on DVD
    Posted by Kathy on 22/02/2017

    I now have series 1-11 of Homicide. Love watching them & seeing the "old" Melbourne street scape, when Lilydale was considered "the country", love all the old cars. Looking out for all famous faces that had the guest stars roles - Roy Day & Neva Carr Glenn have numerous appearances, seeing George Mallaby sing. It is great to see all the episodes that I could not see first time round - love forward to the remaining volumes being issued. When do we go to colour ? The much maligned George Mallaby "brown suit" has to make an appearance soon.
    Also, enjoying Div 4 & now Matlock Police - there must have been a regular stable of Crawford's actors - there are cross program appearances - Gerard Kennedy as criminal in Homicide, Vic Gordon in Homicide, Terence Donovan in Homicide, Norman Yemm as a criminal then a copper in Homicide. More soon please.

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Homicide - Volume 11 + BONUS  The Homicide Story

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