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COP SHOP hit the Australian television screens in 1977 following on from the successful series HOMICIDE, DIVISION 4 and MATLOCK POLICE.  In the same Crawford tradition of popular home-grown police drama, COP SHOP became an instant favourite thanks to its unique blend of characters, suspense, excitement and continuing human drama, bringing 6 years and over 580 hours of entertainment to Australian homes.


In Volume 1, the CI boss Det. Sen. Sgt. Taylor suspects one of his own men at Riverside Police Station may be responsible for a spate of homosexual bashings.  Det. Jeff Johnson (JJ) strikes up a volatile relationship with an attractive stripper named Valerie and policewoman Danni Francis is the subject of an internal investigation when she is involved in the fatal shooting of a recently released rapist.  


 A show about people who are cops . . .

And cops who are people . . .




  • 7 DVDs
  • 26 x 1 hour episodes
  • $59.95 + $5.00 P&H


Customer Reviews

  1. Cop Shop volume 1. Excellent.
    Posted by Linda on 9/08/2021

    It was great to see the familiar guest characters and to see the Cop Shop crew again.
  2. Excellent Show
    Posted by Karen on 13/06/2019

    good fast moving show with believable characters
  3. the dvd is
    Posted by shane on 3/06/2019

    it is good to see the good old shows
  4. Excellent
    Posted by Patricia on 27/05/2019

    Enjoyed it as much as when cop shop first started
  5. Cop shop
    Posted by Cin on 27/05/2019

    Loved this tv show just disappointed on the price point very expensive to buy them
  6. Great to See Cop Shop Again
    Posted by Bruno on 24/05/2019

    So great to watch Cop Shop again. It has stood the test of time. They don't make them like this any more.
  7. Excellent series
    Posted by Andrew on 13/05/2019

    As a younger person at the time late 70s, 80s I vaguely recollect Cop Shop but have really enjoyed all series to date. I'd almost finished watching season 10 and look forward to number 11.
  8. Excellent Aussie Show
    Posted by Steve G on 6/08/2018

    Firstly, Crawfords should be congratulated for releasing these Aussie classics on DVD for purchase by fans. Cop Shop is an all time favorite that deserves to live again via DVD. Certainly can't fault the release schedule or the quality of the transfers. This and Solo One are perfect examples of great Aussie TV Treasures. Well done all! My one complaint? The cover artwork for each season is atrocious. Why on earth would they go with some bad photoshopped design? Why not use the iconic opening title shot from every episode? It's crazy?! Maybe someone somewhere on the internet could produce a series-specific proper DVD cover insert for us all to use.
  9. very good
    Posted by mark on 25/04/2018

    very good
  10. Excellent show!!
    Posted by Victor on 7/09/2017

    Well written, talented actors, vintage seventies clothes and cars, that memorable theme. Wonderful trip down memory lane. Just bought vol 2, can't wait to add more to my collection!!
  11. Please release Skyways and Holiday Island on dvd!
    Posted by Philip on 24/07/2017

    I keep on asking - please release Skyways and Holiday Island on dvd, then maybe Sons & Daughters... How difficult can it be? Please release these as soon as possible.
  12. All time classic
    Posted by Craig on 26/06/2017

    Currently watching Cop Shop and loving it. Classic australian tv. Even though made in 1977 it's still great viewing, bring on more volumes. Hopefully Crawfords release Skyways, one of my favourite Aussie to shows.
  13. So many great memories with this fan favourite!
    Posted by paul on 17/06/2017

    The Crawford dvd collection just keeps getting bigger and better. Thank You Crawfords for allowing us fans of your sensational shows to own their own copies of Australian history.
    With the release of Cop Shop Volume 1, old and new fans can get to enjoy this great classic over and over again...So many great actors, so many great story-lines and so many great memories!
    Eagerly waiting the release of Volume 2 in July..
    Also hoping that Crawfords will also release Skyways and Holiday Island in the near future as well!
    Thank you again Crawfords...Keep up the great work!
  14. Fantastic
    Posted by Rick on 16/06/2017

    It's so great to see such great 70's nostalgia FOR THE FIRST TIME! Back then we only received Northern Tasmania TV and Cop Shop was on only screened in Southern Tasmania and reception wasn't possible. I have never seen this show so I am REALLY enjoying every bit of it. You can see a "Pat the Rat" slowly emerging in a young Patricia Wallace and the lifestyle of the 70's brings back so many memories in just the little things of more simpler times. I'm soo looking forward to Volume 2
  15. cop shop's great
    Posted by Norman on 15/06/2017

    available at last cop shop's still a great show cant wait for future volumes bring it on
  16. Cop shop
    Posted by Christine on 12/06/2017

    Another great classic Aussie cop show from the 70's. looking forward to volume 2 coming out as there's nothing good on TVs at the moment. Winter in Melbourne watching Cop shop and Matlock Police. Thanks Crawfords
  17. Taylor, Double J and Baker
    Posted by Greg G on 4/06/2017

    Excellent move by Crawford's to release Cop Shop on DVD, A top notch cast with George Mallaby (Glen Taylor), Peter Adams (double J) and Gil Tucker as Roy Baker to name a few. A great snap shot of Melbourne as it was in late 1977- early 1978. The streets, shop fronts, the cars, the fashions and the attitudes that prevailed, some of which would not be politically correct today. Highly entertaining. The stormy relationship between JJ and Valerie, Tony Bonner's character Don McKenna's ongoing tussle with his manipulative wife, played by Louise Pajo and Snr Sgt O'Reilly's continued exasperation running the manic front desk of the uniformed branch. Baker's appearance later in these episodes only makes his job more challenging. I eagerly await the next volume.
  18. Cop Shop is Crawfords best show!
    Posted by Brettyboy on 1/06/2017

    I've been waiting for Cop Shop to be released for so long. Thank you so much and please release the entire series, as this was the best cop show Australia ever produced. It contained the who's who of aussie tv in the 70s and 80s. Can't wait for Volume 2 to be released. If you have never seen it, do yourself a favour and get a copy. Worth every cent.
  19. Fantastic memories of 1977
    Posted by Lisa on 27/05/2017

    I'm thrilled that COP SHOP is at last available! The nostalgia of the late 1970's is fabulous. I watched reruns in 1995 and have been patiently waiting since then! Please, bring on the next volumes! It's still highly addictive.
  20. Classic Crawfords TV
    Posted by J on 17/05/2017

    My whole family were thilled when we discovered the first volume of Cop Shop was released on DVD and hopefully there will be more to follow in the future. This was a favourite in our house which we can watch together all over again.
  21. Great
    Posted by Bill on 16/05/2017

    Im ecstatic that Crawford's have finally released cop shop on dvd i grew up watching all the series great memories hope theirs more to follow great work Crawford's
  22. Cop Shop ( My all time Favourite Crawfords Show)
    Posted by Peter on 16/05/2017

    I love everything about Cop Shop including the storylines and the drama and action and the characters. Its a excellent written show and my personal all time favourite Crawfords police show. I am very keen to have Volume 2 already so when will it be released Crawfords?
  23. More Classic Australian TV From Crawford!
    Posted by AdamT on 15/05/2017

    Just received the first (and hopefully first of many instalments) of Cop Shop. This was part of a classic era in Australian TV and boasted many well known faces and up and coming actors who became household names in the '80s. The first 26 episodes have been crammed onto 7 DVDs and as we speak, I am up to disc 5 and loving it. Bring on the next one please!

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Cop Shop - Volume 01

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